MD Dessert Recipes

MD Crystal Mango Jelly with Cashew

Ingredients 1. MD mango Jelly 100g 2. MD gelatin 1 tablespoon of plain 3. 1 Cup of Hot water 4. 03 cups of fresh milk 5. ½ tablespoon vanilla extract 6. Roasted cashew (chopped) 50g Directions 1. Mix milk and dissolved MD Mango Jelly mixture and blend it. Pour into separate bowls and then add […]

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MD Blackcurrant & White Chocolate Brûlēes

Ingredients 1. MD Blackcurrant Jelly – 100g 2. White Chocolate 200g 3. Fresh Cream 200ml 4. Yogurt 500g 5. Blackcurrant 225g Directions 1. Place he chocolate and fresh cream in a heatproof bowl. Set the bowl over a saucepan of shimmering water and heat, stirring occasionally until melted and smooth. Remove from the heat and […]

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MD Strawberry Chiffon

Ingredients 1. MD whole Strawberry jam 150g or fresh Strawberries 2. MD Gelatin – 1.5 teaspoon powdered 3. 2 Tablespoon water 4. 150ml fresh cream 5. 150g Yogurt 6. 2 Tablespoon icing sugar 7. Few drops of vanilla extract For the Topping: 1. MD Strawberry Whole fruit Jam 250g or fresh Strawberries 2. MD icing […]

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MD Broken Glass Jello

Ingredients 1. MD Strawberry Jelly 100g 2. MD Orange Jelly 100g 3. MD Blueberry Jelly 100g 4. MD Apple Jelly 100g 5. Condensed Milk small tin 01 6. MD gelatin 25g – To soak 7. Cold water 118ml – To Soak 8. 4 parts of Hot water 1,300ml Directions 1. Add one cup of hot […]

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