MD Dessert Recipes

MD Crystal Mango Jelly with Cashew


1. MD mango Jelly 100g
2. MD gelatin 1 tablespoon of plain
3. 1 Cup of Hot water
4. 03 cups of fresh milk
5. ½ tablespoon vanilla extract
6. Roasted cashew (chopped) 50g


1. Mix milk and dissolved MD Mango Jelly mixture and blend it. Pour into separate bowls and then add the cashew nuts and keep in the refrigerator for set.

Jelly Crystal Mango

Sugar, Gelatine (E 441), Citric Acid (E 330), Tri Sodium Citrate (E 331), Nature Identical Mango Flavour & Permitted Colours (E 102, E 110, E 124)

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