MD Dessert Recipes

MD Fruit Trifle


1. MD Strawberry Jelly 100g of dissolved in 450ml of water
2. MD Strawberry Jam 60g
3. MD Corn flour 60g
4. MD Mango pieces 560g
5. Condensed milk small tin 01
6. Hot water 300ml
7. 1 Tin peach in Syrup
8. Sponge cake 200g
9. Fruit and whipped cream to decorate
10. 4 Eggs yolks
11. Vanilla 10ml


1. Sandwich cake with MD Strawberry jam. Cut into cubes and place in a glass bowl. Place layer of diced fruit on the cake.

2. Dilute milkmaid using hot water, brake egg yolk in a bowl, add corn flour gradually and add milk. Cook over moderate heat until the mixture thick. Add vanilla essence, remove from heat, Cool, pour over the fruit and chill until set.

3. Make MD Jelly, cool and poor over the MD custard leave in refrigerator to set. Decorate the trifle with whipped cream and fruits.

Jelly Crystal Strawberry

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Mango Pieces

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